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Relieves and restores joint pain

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Pool gel HondroFrost cannot be bought at a pharmacy, it is sold only on the official website. This decision is related to the policy of pharmacy chains, which are interested in increasing the price of the gel. There is now a 50% discount on the site and the drug can be bought with a special offer 299Kn.

How to order HondroFrost

To order a gel, you must enter your contact information in the application on the order form. During the day, after an hour, the manager from the company will call and clarify the details of the order with you and arrange delivery to the address. The cost of the order depends on the quantity of goods and the distance of settlement. We do not require a down payment, you pay for the package only after you receive the goods in your hand from the courier or post.

Where can I buy in Pool HondroFrost

Croatia has the HondroFrost gel certificate against arthritis and arthrosis. Cream HondroFrost is used for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It relieves pain in joints and restores damaged areas of cartilage and bones, removes swelling and inflammation. The gel is distinguished by its effectiveness and lack of side effects. It is currently the best medicine for pain and joint stiffness in Croatia. The cream is not available in a pharmacy, including Pool, the manufacturer sells the product only through the official website. This is due to the fact that pharmacies tend to increase the price of drugs.

How to book in the pool

To order HondroFrost, you leave a request on our website (we guarantee that you will only pay for the package after receiving it from the courier or post, so there is no need to pay any advance). We clarify the details of the order by phone, he will clarify the details and give the final amount. The exact cost of sending a parcel varies from city to city. Stock! Order today and get 50% off. The price of the wedding is only 299Kn. You check the package at the post office and only then pay, Pool is located at the intersection of logistics routes, so the goods will arrive in a few days.