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  • Filip
    I have been involved in powerlifting since my youth and have achieved considerable success. But he never thought about his health after his achievements. Two weeks before the race, my back hurt a lot. The trainer gave me HondroFrost gel, it took 14 days to relieve pain, swelling and restore mobility. I got in shape quickly and was able to perform well.
  • Damir
    I am 60 years old and my health is not what it used to be. The most annoying thing is that I still have strength, but because of arthritis I can't pay much attention to my grandchildren, my joints hurt a lot, my general health is not so good. Somehow I saw a message about HondroFrost gel and decided to try it. I myself did not expect, but the effect was immediate - pain, swelling disappeared, mobility returned. I continue.
  • Sandra
    A year ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I was very worried because the disease is degenerative, the prognosis is dismal. The treatment gave only a temporary effect, then the pain and limited movement returned. And then the doctor recommended HondroFrost. Within a month, I forgot the pain, stiffness, crunches and swelling. I advise.
  • Draženka
    I love outdoor sports, including cycling. But recently I had an unfortunate fall and the x-ray showed a tear in the joint. I was shocked - a month of bed rest! My friends advised me to order HondroFrost gel, and two weeks later I jumped at the doctor's office. In the pictures, the injury appeared to be completely healed. The magic tool.
  • Martina
    I have worked in a library all my life, and even before I retired, my right hand began to bother me. As a result, I was diagnosed with moderate arthrosis. But HondroFrost helped to get rid of the pain very quickly, the crunching and clicking disappeared, the numbness and tingling disappeared. I finished the treatment three months ago and the effect is still there.
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